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Henan Luoyang Dianwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., established on December 31, 2014, is a pioneer in the development and mass production of hot melt deposition (FDM) 3D printers in China. The company has been committed to the market-oriented application of 3D printers, providing efficient and affordable comprehensive 3D printing solutions for individuals, families, schools and enterprises, so as to meet the requirements of each innovation for efficiency, quality and rapid prototyping. The company is located in Luoyang City, the capital city of the millennium. Many colleges and universities have cooperated to establish the teaching practice base of production, teaching and research, with complete R & D, manufacturing and after-sales system, and strong technical strength. The company's total production site is nearly 2000 square meters, with a monthly production capacity of more than 1000 units, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Therefore, we have established a professional large-scale after-sales team, which not only provides online operation training for users, but also provides on-site debugging and maintenance services.