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Do you know a new 3D printing technology

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The application of 3D printing technology in advertising signboard industry shows that the development process of advertising signboard is from complex to simplified. The text and logo of graphic design can be printed in 3D, which is an incomparable advantage of traditional technology. 3D printing is an emerging science and technology, which can innovate the advertising industry in the future.
The 3D effect of luminous words is produced by 3D printer. Because of its special forming principle, the luminous characters produced are more stereoscopic and can bring visual impact. The whole production process of K98 luminous word 3D printer is very simple, without technical threshold, which reduces the labor cost and expands the personalized demand of advertising words.
3D printing technology is a new environmental protection technology, which solves the environmental pain of traditional advertising factory, and is a new direction for traditional word factory and individual entrepreneurship. At present, the global manufacturing industry is accelerating into the digital and intelligent era, and the impact of intelligent manufacturing on the competitiveness of manufacturing industry is growing.
Intelligent manufacturing is presented in the form of intelligent factory. This kind of intelligent manufacturing can shorten the product development cycle, save energy, protect the environment, reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. 3D printing technology is a subdivision of intelligent manufacturing. It is forward-looking to use luminous 3D printer to make advertising characters.